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TMCA's Municipal Court Spotlight - Hurst

Spotlight on Hurst Municipal Court


The City of Hurst Municipal Court and Police Department moved into their new facility in March 2015. The facility allows for additional growth and expansion in the future. The new main courtroom (pictured above) is very modern and houses incredible technology.

Our previous Judge, Kenneth Whiteley, served this city for 50 years and witnessed many changes during his tenure on the bench. Judge Whiteley, now Associate Judge, spends his time with family and doing weekend arraignments. Judge Whiteley said “when I first became Judge there wasn’t even a freeway in Hurst.” Our current Judge, Lacy Britten, was appointed Presiding Judge in 2012 and has been instrumental in propelling this court into the 22nd century of modern technology and a more paperless type process both in and out of the courtroom. It has been through her support, that many processes have been streamlined and simplified both online as well as in person.


(Customer Service Windows)

With the dedication and professionalism of court staff, this court operates very efficiently with the least amount of staff possible to process approximately 21,000 new cases per year. In addition to court staff, we have a Marshal division that employs 4 part time Marshals who work for the court doing bailiff duties, building security, and serving class “C” warrants. It is the Marshals that transport our prisoners from one jurisdiction to another and work with defendants to make a payment plan whenever possible to avoid arrest. It is our goal to satisfy judgments and not to incarcerate citizens that have failed to satisfy their judgments in municipal court.


The court staff works very hard to provide the most accurate and professional services for all defendants trying court cases through the judicial process here in our city. The Court volunteers spend many hours calling and reminding citizens of cases that are past due and those that are set for future hearing dates with the hope that they are not forgotten by the defendants. It is the Courts focus to work with defendants within the Judge’s orders and statutory guidelines to ensure compliance and enforce-ment of court orders.


Leadership and the Hurst Way -

The City of Hurst has a unique leadership development program with multiple facets aiding in the individual development as well as group development of potential leaders with in the city. One facet is an annual employee conference where the city takes a three day time span to train all our employees over a day and a half time frame. The 3 days allows the city to have 2 full group sessions back to back so that shift workers and those with customer service windows can attend and still deliver customer service to our citizens during the conference period. Throughout the conference employees are trained in customer service, leadership development, budget overview, benefits overview and updates on health and safety. Attendees are allotted time to build relationships across departments which strengthens and builds lasting interdepartmental relationships. Additionally, the City, with The Management Connection facilitating the classes, allows individual opportunity to develop personally into a valuable leader for the organization through various supervisory leadership classes and development. The council and city manager believe in investing in employees to build a strong foundation of leadership skills through teaching and training potential future leaders through professional development courses. It is through this program that many have formed deep and lasting commitment in their role as employees, co-workers and leaders. City management is very supportive of involvement in professional associations, leadership development as well as customer service.


(Judicial Services Manager)


(Small Courtroom/Teen Courtroom)

City of Hurst Employees work together - 

The City of Hurst employees have worked together to identify guiding principles that focus attention on exemplary customer satisfaction. We hold these principles as universal and essential to our success, which we establish as our code of ideals. These ideals that serve as the philosophical cornerstone to guide our interactions with anyone who lives, works, shops, or plays in our city, or relies on the services we provide. It is the heart of those characteristics that we all agree comprise the best in an organization and ourselves. We, at the City of Hurst, hold the Code of Ideals as the key that unlocks our potential for exemplary customer service, for satisfaction in a job well done, and for pride in ourselves and our organization. Our leaders have empowered us to deliver quality service, and we will work together to achieve this goal.


(Court Staff Offices)

The Code of Ideals - 

Honesty - We will be fair and honest in our relations with customers, striving to achieve the highest level of integrity and trustworthiness.

Respect - We will be respectful, courteous, and understanding of our customers needs and will always treat them as we would want to be treated.

Dedication - We will hold ourselves accountable to ensure that services are provided to the best of our ability in a responsible, dependable, and timely manner.

Teamwork - We are part of a Team on many levels, Employees of the City of Hurst are motivated, cooperative, and dedicated Team players.  We assume a sense of responsibility for our actions to ensure our success as individuals, as Departments, and as a City.

Professionalism - We will strive to demonstrate competency, knowledge, and efficiency in our jobs that exceeds the expectations of our customers.

Positive Attitude - We are willing to demonstrate a spirit of friendly customer service by providing helpful and responsive assistance in a caring and considerate manner.

Work Environment - We are committed to safety as the foundation of a clean, secure work environment that is conducive to an enjoyable work experience.  We will continually work to improve ourselves and the delivery of our services through training, innovation, and a commitment to excellence.


(Court Administrator)


City of Hurst Municipal Court 
Hurst Justice Center 
825-B Thousand Oaks Drive 
Hurst, Texas 76054 


Phone: 817-788-7045 (0) 
fax: 817-788-7192 

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