Dedicated to the Fair and Impartial Administration of Justice by Providing Quality Education, Assistance, and Support for Municipal Courts across the State of Texas.




Annual Meeting – Each year TMCA hosts an annual meeting that offers programs for judicial education, certification, and CLE credit, as well as an annual business meeting of the Association.

Awards – An Outstanding Judge and Clerk of the Year are recognized at the TMCA Annual Meeting.

TMCEC – The Education Center is a project of the Association. The Association is the recipient of the $1.6 million grant from the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals and oversees all programs.

The Association also purchased a building in 2012 to permanently house the Education Center.

The Recorder – Members receive a complimentary paper copy of this publication developed quarterly by TMCEC.

Yahoo! Groups - The TMCA Group is designed for judges to ask questions and share information. Join the group, and participate in email exchanges pertaining to all municipal court aspects.