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Legislative Agenda


TMCA Legislative Agenda - Spring 2020



Dear TMCA member,


The Texas Municipal Courts Association Board of Directors has approved a legislative agenda for the next legislative session. As the TMCA Board of Directors prepares for the 2021 legislative session, we would like to know if the membership would like the Board of Directors to consider adding any additional items to the published TMCA Legislative Agenda. A brief description of the published legislative agenda is as follows:


1)     Amend article 103.0081(a) and (b) to include the fine as an amount that can be deemed uncollectible;


2)     Amend article 15.17(b) of the Code of Criminal Procedure to repeal the prohibition against a magistrate releasing a person from custody if they have been convicted of an offense higher than a Class C misdemeanor;


3)     Amend the title of article 45.0445 of the Code of Criminal Procedure to read “Reconsideration of Satisfaction of Fine or Costs”;


4)     Amend article 45.016(c) of the Code of Criminal Procedure to clarify that the 48-hour deadline applies to defendants who have remained in custody for the fine-only offense;


5)     Amend article 45.031 of the Code of Criminal Procedure to provide for the appointment of an attorney pro tem in municipal and justice courts;


6)     Amend article 16.22(a)(1) of the Code of Criminal Procedure to authorize application to fine only offenses; and


7)     Amend Chapter 45 of the Code of Criminal Procedure to provide for diversion opportunities for juveniles.


If you would like the TMCA Board to consider any additional items, please respond with your legislative proposal and the rationale supporting it. Please also include a cite to the statute you propose to amend. Please send your response to Please type “TMCA Legislative Committee” in the subject line. Please respond by July 17th.


All proposals meeting these requirements will be forwarded to the Legislative Committee for consideration. Any item voted out of committee will be forwarded to the full board for consideration at the July 22nd-23rd meeting.


On behalf of the TMCA Legislative Committee, thank you for being a member of TMCA!




Michael Acuña, Chair
Legislative Committee
Texas Municipal Courts Association



Click here to download a copy of entire agenda


Questions may directed to:
Honorable Michael Acuña
TMCA Legislative Committee Chair
TMCA Region III Director
Municipal Judge
City of Dallas