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Judicial Awards 2018

The following award recipients were nominated by their peers and recognized for their contribution to the fair and impartial administration of justice at the Annual Conference held in San Antonio, August 2 - 3, 2018.


Outstanding Judge of the Year


The Honorable Donna Starkey from the City of Alvin has been selected by the Texas Municipal Courts Association to receive the Association’s Jurist of the Year Award.   The following is a combination of the nomination forms received.

Judge Starkey has worked for the City of Alvin for 26 years.  She began her career as a court clerk and was later elected as a Justice of the Peace.  In 1991, she was appointed as a Municipal Court Judge. 

She has served on the TMCA Board of Directors for many years as a Regional Director, President Elect and Past President. During her tenure on the Board of Directors Judge Starkey was instrumental in the purchase of the building that now houses the Texas Municipal Courts Education Center. 

Judge Starkey has a passion for law and justice, has the ability to keep an open mind while being fair and impartial.   She is always eager to observe municipal court staff carrying out the daily operations of the court so that staff can better serve the community.  Under her direction, the Alvin Municipal Court participates in National Night Out, Municipal Court Week and the Municipal Traffic Safety program. Her knowledge of the cour , awareness and implementation of traffic safety initiatives contributed to the City of Alvin being recognized by the Texas Municipal Courts Education Center and the Texas Department of Transportation several times.

Along with her undeniable talent, Judge Starkey has always been an absolute joy to work with. She always manages to foster positive discussions and bring out the best in her support staff.  She has gained the trust and respect of local law enforcement and the community.  

Judge Starkey is a very kind, caring and compassionate person who has served as a Judge with the utmost integrity dedicating her whole life to serving the public and the judiciary.  Judge Starkey has been a role model and mentor to many Judges and Clerks throughout her career.


Donna Starkey Jurist Award.jpg 


 Outstanding Clerk of the Year 

Landra Solansky, Court Administrator for the City of Sequin  Municipal Court, has been selected by the Texas Municipal Courts Association to receive the Association’s Clerk of the Year Award.  The following is a combination of the nomination forms received.

Landra has worked a total of 13 years in Municipal Court.  The first 3 years were as Court Clerk for the City of Cibolo and the last 10 years as Court Administrator with the City of Seguin.  

During her career, she has served on many boards, committees, and panel discussions on various topics related to our profession.  She currently serves as the Vice President of the Texas Court Clerks Association  (TCCA) and is running for President of the Freedom Trail Chapter of TCCA.  She also currently serves as the TML representative for TCCA.  She has recently been asked to participate in the Office of Court Administration’s Centers of Excellence program.  All of this as she handles her duties for the Sequin Municipal Court with ease.

Early in her career, Landra saw a need for education to be offered in her area to judges and court support staff. She approached the City of Seguin and along with the city’s support, hosted their 10th annual brunch in which Judges, court clerks, prosecutors, bailiffs and warrant officers are invited to attend and obtain crucial judicial education.   She has been a faculty member for TMCEC for many years and has become a mentor to many clerks across the state.
In her spare time she achieved her Level III certification and is a Certified Municipal Court Clerk (CMCC) and graduated last year as a Certified Court Manager (CCM) from the Institute for Court Management. She is always there to lend a hand to another court if asked and takes her role as a CCM very seriously. 

Landra Solansky Clerk Award.jpg


Outstanding Prosecutor of the Year


Amy McHugh, City Prosecutor for the Lakeway Municipal Court, has been selected by the Texas Municipal Courts Association to receive the Association’s Clerk of the Year Award.  The following is a combination of the nomination forms received. 

About 8 years ago, Lakeway hired Ms. McHugh to serve as the prosecutor for the Lakeway Municipal Court. In short, she is the “gold standard” for what we want all of our government prosecutors to be - honest, compassionate, ethical, and fair. If the evidence is not there or if she has a reasonable doubt, she will move to dismiss. If a defendant needs a tailored probation plan, she crafts it. If a defendant has a terrible home situation or illness she moves to dismiss their case or considers how the outcome may affect their upside down life. However, if a case needs prosecuting, she prosecutes it.  All defendants regardless of their financial status, faith, gender, pro-se or represented by legal counsel are treated fairly.


Amy McHugh Prosecutor Award.jpg